Top Anime Dating Tips That Come In Handy In Real Life

By Chaim Gartenberg

Whoever said dating is easy is a big fat liar. It is okay to be not good at attracting a potential partner but it is important you learn it. Anime dating simulators games are the best when it comes to learning dating tricks and how to impress a potential partner. If you have been in a lot of relationships but still haven’t found the one or you are preparing yourself to enter a serious relationship, here are the top eight tips you will learn from anime dating sims games:

2 Anime dating sims tips that always work

1. Give your time and attention to the potential partner

Every relationship, romantic or not, demands attention. If you don’t give enough attention to your prospective partner, the person is going to move emotionally away from you. In games like Puzzle of Love and Passion Puzzle, you get to meet new girls everyday but you can’t give attention to everyone. It is the same in real life. You meet so many people daily but you have to give attention to only one person to tell them how serious you are about the relationship.

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2. Don’t pretend to be too cool to date

If you want to enter a serious relationship, you can’t act ungettable. In movies, we often see that one of the persons acts too cool to date and that’s what makes the other person fall in love with them. Reality alert — it won’t happen in real life and that’s something anime dating sims will teach you. It also doesn’t mean that you have to become clingy. Just be friendly but prioritize yourself at the same time.

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3. Don’t settle for someone too obvious

Anime dating sims game often start with a troubled person finding it difficult to lead a normal life. Even though it is rarely this complicated in real life, the games teach you something very important. If you settle for someone too obvious, you will only make the relationship too boring. Don’t settle for the first person you like because most of the times, it is the wrong choice.

No Obvious Choice

4. Don’t talk to someone you don’t feel like talking

You don’t have to talk to every person you meet. It is about finding someone to match your wavelength with and then starting a relationship. If you meet someone and the first thing that comes to your mind is — where was this person all my life? That’s the person you should hold onto forever. This is the first rule of anime dating games and if you follow it, you won’t ever have to experience heartbreak.

2 handy dating tips you’ll learn from dating anime simulators

5. Prioritize someone who prioritizes you

If you want the relationship to work, both of you need to contribute to the relationship equally. It might not always be possible but you and your partner should prioritize each other as much as possible. It will not only make you feel wanted but also stay in the relationship voluntarily.

Prioritize Your Partner

6. You too will get through the awkward phase

Every relationship or dating stage goes through an awkward phase, which is something you can’t avoid. Things can get messy during this time, especially if there is improper communication between the two of you. Anime dating games like Puzzle of Love will teach you how to go through such awkward situations, so you can handle the dating phase more maturely.

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7. Opposites really attract

Opposites attract in real life too. If you believe they don’t, play an anime dating sims game and you will agree with the statement. Find someone who is very different in personality but still has the same preferences when it comes to life, food choices, and values. It might sound odd and make you think how any of it makes sense, but when you meet the one, you will think this person is so different from me but yet so alike.

8. Heartbreak sucks but you will get over it

Heartbreaks are a part of your story and it is best if you move on from them. Investing too much time in a breakup is only a waste of your time and resources. In Puzzle of Love by Bad Boy Apps, you meet girls, date them, and then breakup but getting too sad about it will only take the fun out of the game. If you are dating a girl but there are no sparks, it is best to break up with her and find someone who has similar interests.

If you want to learn these tricks and many more, Puzzle of Love and Passion Puzzle are two games that you should be downloading right now.