Top Reasons You Will Love iOS Dating Simulators

By Chaim Gartenberg

Dating simulator games are a huge hit among gamers across the globe. These games allow you to be the character of your dreams and play out your wildest fantasies. If you haven’t played it earlier, you might be wondering why does everyone love iOS dating sims so much? It is an obvious question, so here are seven reasons why you will love playing iOS anime dating simulators.

3 big advantages of playing iOS dating sims

1. Helps you harness your interpersonal and social skills

Most iOS dating simulator games have a kindness meter, which goes up and down as you interact with other people, give them gifts, and help them out. If you are fond of someone, you can shower them with gifts and see the relationship meter hike. The scale also tells you otherwise. If you don’t meet your partner or date often, the meter will go down and you are less likely to have a successful relationship.

2. Plays out your weirdest fantasies

Would you want to play out your weirdest fantasies in real life? A simple answer is no and that’s why there are iOS dating sims games. You can do anything you want in the game and have all the fun you want. For example, if you want to date three partners at the same time, you can do that too!

Play Out Your Fantasy

3. Relaxes you after a long day

Your daily schedule can get boring because it is repetitive and dating sims are a nice break from it. Just spending 30 minutes playing the game will de-stress you and break the monotony. The games literally consume you and make you forget about all your worries.

Why everyone loves playing iOS dating simulator games?

4. Prepares you for real-life situations

If you haven’t been in a relationship ever or been in bad ones, iOS dating simulator games will help you overcome the difficult situations. You can replay the same situations over and over again until you find the right course for dealing with it. Whenever the situation happens in real life, you would already know what to do and handle it maturely.

Dating Sims Games

5. Saves you from making mistakes in real life

All of us are bound to make mistakes but there are a few you can easily avoid them. iOS dating simulators put you in situations where you make mistakes and learn how to overcome them. It is all part of the play, so you don’t have to bear any real consequences. You can play out different situations and the fictional consequences, which makes everything so fun.

Two reasons iOS dating simulators are a hit

6. You have complete control over the story

The best part about iOS dating simulators is that you have complete control over the story. You choose the fate of every character you interact with and alternately, your fate and destiny too. People love getting to play different characters and visit locations where they might not be able to visit. The games are like your own world, where you can do anything you want without being judged.

7. Huge variety of games on the App Store

App Store has one of the largest varieties of dating sims games on the internet. There are multiple genres from drama, romance, history, and erotic to choose from, so even if you complete one app, you can download another game. Most of the games are available for free, while a few are paid. All of them are equally interesting and will take you on the craziest of all journeys.

App Store Games

Best dating simulators games on iOS

1. Puzzle of Love

When we think of iOS dating sims, the first game that comes to our minds is Puzzle of Love by Bad Boy Apps. Set in Japan, the game follows the life of a world renowned, successful author, who lives in a house with girls. The city he lives in has many girls and you meet each one of them as you unlock new levels by playing match 3 games.
In Puzzle of Love, you can flirt with girls who want to know the story of your latest novel and when you will be launching it. You can also give the girls gifts and make other romantic gestures to make them fall in love with your character.

Puzzle Of Love

2. Passion Puzzle

Another popular game by Bad Boy Apps, Passion Puzzle is set in a beautiful coastal town of Japan. You play the handsome, mysterious, and charming male character who gets to meet attractive girls every day. The gameplay is very similar but the characters and stories are completely different. You can change the look of the girls you meet to make the look of your dream girl. Both the games are available on Google Store as well.

Download the games today and you will fall in love with iOS dating simulators too!