Practicing For The Real Life With Anime Dating Sims

By Chaim Gartenberg

Do you struggle to maintain a successful relationship in real life? It is more common than you think but there’s a genre of game that will help you figure out the difficulties and overcome them. Anime dating simulator games come handy in such complicated situations and will teach you how to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend and treat your partner with love and respect. In this article, I will talk a bit about the history of dating simulator games and how they will help you with your real life relationships.

Why were dating simulator games started?

Dating sims started as a sub-genre of visual novels but the games became so popular that now they have their own genre — anime dating simulator games. Most of the games are played using dialogue trees for conversing with other characters. The background stays static and the texts change as you move ahead in the game. The picture in the background change only occasionally.

Who invented dating simulators?

Yuji Horii is considered as the father of anime dating sims. He combined the style of American Adventure games with Japanese sensibilities. He wrote the first ever visual novel called Portopia Serial Murder Case, which became an immediate hit among game lovers. He went on to produce several award-winning games including the Dragon Quest series and also wrote a scene for Chrono Tiger. It is one of the first games to have multiple endings, which again was a huge hit among PC game lovers.

How do anime dating sims help with real life relationships?

Most anime dating simulators are male-centric games, in which the male characters is surrounded by potential partners, mostly women. However, there are many same-sex anime sims games available nowadays to support the LGBTQA+ community. Let me make it clear for you. Dating sims games aren’t just for men. You will find a lot of women-centric games as well but most of them are designed for men. Games made for men are sexually explicit, while those for women focus on the romantic aspect of a relationship.

Real Life Relationship

What makes dating sims games so popular?

Dating sims game mimic the realness of a real relationship. It is like a comfort zone, where you won’t be judged or doubted by the character, so you can do anything you want. It is the most popular in Japan and allows you to choose your own adventure. Most games have multiple endings depending on the choices you make, which means different combinations of decisions will lead to different endings.

Two things that anime sims teach you about relationships

Anime sims is all about helping you build a long lasting relationship and playing out your wildest and weirdest fantasies without being judged. Let’s take a look at two things dating anime sims will teach you about relationships:

1. Getting close with someone romantically

If you are a reserved person and have difficulty opening up, anime dating sims will help you breaking down walls and getting close with a potential partner romantically. In the game, you level up when you behave with care and love with your partner.

Get Close Romantically

2. Impressing a potential partner

Just like in real life, you have to shower your potential partner with gifts to impress them and make them fall in love with you. If you buy the wrong gift, the person might move away from you. In the dating games, your love meter goes up when your potential partner is impressed with the gifts you give them. If they don’t like it, the level goes down. You can keep this in mind when you have to purchase a gift for someone in real life.

Builds up the courage and makes you confident

Dating sims helps you build your personality as someone who is confident and courageous. These games will teach you how to behave with a potential partner and make choices that make you look confident and bold.

Helps you deal with complicated situations

Every relationship goes through ups and downs and most of the times these are situations that you can easily avoid. You will come across the same complex situations in the dating sims games and teach you what’s right and wrong. Whenever you are in the same situation in real life, you would know how to act in it and avoid any unpleasantries.

Deal With Complicated Situations

If you are wondering which are the best dating simulator games on the internet, I have two recommendations for you. Passion Puzzle and Passion of Love are two of the most famous anime dating sims games, in which you meet new girls every day and woo them to make them fall in love with you.