Dating Sims For Boys: Tips To Match With Girls

By Chaim Gartenberg

There are a lot of things that happen in a dating simulator games but the most important is dating girls and having your fun along the way. Anime sims is all about finding the girl of your dreams, spoiling her with gifts, and flirting with her as the story progresses and turns dramatic. You don’t have to stay in the relationship for a long time and break if off anytime you want. But how do you get around to matching with the right girls? Dating sims is fun only when you know you are moving ahead in the wrong decision. Here are the top eight tips you need to know to match with the right girls on dating sims:

Top 2 tips that always work while matching with girls

1. Know your preferences

Even though the character you play has specific preferences, you can add yours to it and personalize the male lead. You will have to do that slowly because if you put in all preferences at once, it will confuse you how to go about with the story and you will end meeting the wrong girls. The key is to take it slow and steady and let the story help you the kind of girl you like.

2. Match her with your personality

Again, the character is going to have their own personality but you can always incorporate yours into the character. Only when you are clear what is your character’s complete personality, you can find a girl that matches yours. Matching your personality or traits with a girl doesn’t mean that if are a morning person, she should be a morning person too. It means that she should be just as outgoing as your character or caring or any other trait you want to highlight.

2 quick tips to keep handing while choosing a girl in dating simulators

3. Know when it is time to move on

If you are dating a girl in the anime sims game and you don’t feel like continuing any further, it is best to break up as soon as possible and find someone new. If you get stuck up on one person, you won’t be able to enjoy the game’s single most motive, which is dating as many as girls as you want to. Even if the next girl you date isn’t the right one for you, don’t worry too much because there are many more coming your way.

Break Up And Move On

4. Be confident and bold

If you would have noticed, all the main characters in anime dating sims are confident, bold, and also a bit troubled. Since you are playing the character, you have to carry on these traits. You got to be honest, it is always confidence and boldness that attracts people like a magnet and will help you to match with the right girl as well. At the same time, you have to make sure to not make obvious decisions every time, so keep surprising yourself and have fun.

2 tips that never go wrong in anime dating sims games

5. Check for common interests

If the girl you met and you share common interests, you have found the right girl for you. Use these interests to woo her, take her on dates, and spoil her with gifts. You won’t need to put a lot of thought behind finding the right gifts because you already know her choices.

6. Check if the girl’s schedule matches with your schedule

In most free dating sims games, all girls follow a specific schedule. For example, one will be at the pool every morning, while the other one will always be at the gym. If you love swimming, the girl near the pool is the right pick because you will get to meet her daily. On the other hand, if you choose the girl at the gym, you won’t get to meet her as often.

Best 2 tips to match with girls in free anime dating sims

7. Never settle for the first girl you meet

Don’t settle for the first girl you meet because it will end the game quickly. Instead, take your time to know all the girls in the game and then shortlist the ones that you like the most. After that, take each one of them on dates and develop your liking for a particular girl.

Find New Girls

8. Give her attention and check you receive the same in return

If you are dating a girl and giving her all the attention she needs, you should get the same in return. That’s how every relationship in real life is and anime sims relationships are no different.

Two of the best dating simulator games that will help you find the best girls are Puzzle of Love and Passion Puzzle. In these games, you meet new girls every day and take them on dates. It is almost like dating in real life!