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Puzzle of love

Have you ever thought your best idea of having a summer of love may be just one click away from you? Passion Puzzle is the perfect way to practice your skills as a charmer, a lover, and a ladies’ man.

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Passion Puzzle

Have you ever thought your best idea of having a summer of love may be just one click away from you? Passion Puzzle is the perfect way to practice your skills as a charmer, a lover, and a ladies’ man.

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Francisco Esquivel Puzzle of Love

it keeps freezing on me.ill be playing a game and it just ups and freezes on me while im doing…

Matt Wade Puzzle of Love

Fun little time waster.. To early to tell but i think it might be ptp, have rwalise now its very…

Chris Walker Passion Puzzle

I thought passion puzzle was your only game but this is a good game aswell! But make crystals easier to…

Chris Schute Passion Puzzle

Great game, if you wanna have fun and not be forced to play a kids pg game then look no…

Christopher Oslan Passion Puzzle

I've been looking game like this on android. thankyou so much for the game, even it have so much to…

Discover the Best Dating Sim Android Experience

Badboyapps brings you free Android dating sim games. You will not only fall in love with our cute girls, but you will also fall in love with our dating sims games. Our Android dating sim is full of beautiful and hot girls who are ready to become your girlfriend. You have to impress them and show your skills to pick them up in the dating sim Android games.

You can date new girls every day in our dating sim Android apps. The girls will talk to you, tell you their secrets and are not afraid to reveal their naughty side. Once you start playing our dating sim for guys Android games, you will never feel the need for real girls. After all, our girls are always in the mood to have fun and give you a lovely company in the Japanese dating sim for guys Android.

Our dating sim Android even offers interesting puzzles. Just solve them and see how the girls fall for you. Dating with our sim games for Android is as exciting and fun just like having a real girlfriend.

Some of our players also feel that our hentai dating sim Android girls are even better than real girls! The dating sim Android app girls will never get tired of being with you and will not ask to go home. You can spend hours chatting with them and looking at their sexy pictures. If you succeed in impressing them, you can take things to a completely new level in our dating simulator games for Android!

So try out our dating sim apps for guys and discover a whole new experience of dating.

Get Your Hands on the Best Android Dating Sim Games

You can try out two exciting sim love games from Badboyapps. The anime dating sim for guys Android games are very popular and have been downloaded thousands of times by players from all over the world.

Our 18+ dating sim Android games have earned high ratings and positive reviews from all players. You will also know what sets them apart once you start playing the Android sim games.

The games are ideal for Japanese simulation games lovers with beautiful hentai girls. The artwork of the dating sim for Android programs also follow Japanese anime style for visual enjoyment.

So let’s take a look at the best mobile dating sims we have on offer!

1. Dating Simulator Android: Puzzle of Love

Puzzle of Love is like date Ariane similar games which puts you in a writer’s shoes who is really famous with girls. You are famed for creating the best romance novels which make girls fall for you like anything! In this dating sims for Android, you are in search of muse to inspire your new book.

You have lovely girls to select from- hot Linda, sensual Sabrina, sexy Mariana and voluptuous Nonna. The Android dating sim for guys offers Match-3 puzzles which you have to solve to win a girlfriend. You have to make colorful combinations in the dating sim games for Android to win over the girls.

After that you can buy them presents, take them on dates and spend a passionate night in your home! Puzzle of Love is the best dating sim for Android with romantic moments, compelling storyline and lovely girls.

2. Adult Dating Sim Android: Passion Puzzle

Passion Puzzle is one of our popular dating simulation games for Android. The Android anime dating sim takes you on a summer love adventure with hot and sexy girls. You can choose from several girls in the city and make them your girlfriend in this Android adult dating sim.

The dating games for Android allows you to solve fun puzzles and show your skills to the girls. You can unlock hot pictures, selfies and seduce the girls by saying the right dialogues in the sim dating games for boys. Get exciting bonuses and play 3 games in a row in our offline dating sim for Android.

Passion Puzzle dating sim for Android phone is the ultimate choice if you want to test your romancing skills. Try out all the girls in the city in our anime dating sim Android and enjoy a new experience each time!

What Makes Our Sim Android Games So Popular?

We have spent hours developing our Android games like sims so that you never get a chance to complain. Thousands of players across the world love our anime dating sim games for Android and for good reasons.

Do you know what sets our dating sim apps for guys on Android apart from the rest?

1. Compelling Android Sims Storylines

A dating simulator for Android is useless unless it has an engaging storyline. That’s why we employ only the best scriptwriters to craft the plot of our dating sim games Android. The dating sim games for guys Android keeps you entertained and makes the games interesting with unique twists and turns in the plots.

2. Interactive Dating Sim Android for Guys

Our gal games for Android and Japanese dating sim for guys are highly interactive. In fact, you can find your way into the girl’s hearts by saying the right dialogues. The dating sim apps for Android makes you feel you are talking to a real girl, with emotions and attitude.

So bring out your smooth interactive skills and win hearts in our sim dating games for Android.

3. Stunning Japanese Dating Sim Android Graphics

The best dating sim on Android should be realistic and life-like. All of our best free dating sim apps come with stunning graphics and realistic artwork. The pictures of the girls will really turn you on giving the experience of a real-life girlfriend!

4. Superior Sim Guys Game Quality

We have spent over ten years developing dating games for boys only. Our team only creates high-quality and best dating sim apps for guys. Just play our best anime dating sim games for Android and feel the difference!

Dating Sim for Android Free Download

The best part is that our best dating sim games for Android are completely free! You can download dating sim Android apk on all devices running on Android. So whether you are looking for gay dating sim android or dating simulator for guys Android, we have the right dating simulator Ariane Android games for you!

  • Unique dating experience with each girl
  • Unlock levels and rewards by solving puzzles
  • Buy gifts to impress girls
  • Get access to hot selfies

Multiple endings with different storyline