Best Ways to Enjoy Puzzle of Love to the Fullest

By Chaim Gartenberg

BadBoyApps is pleased to bring you some of the most appealing dating simulators on the web. We are one of the top developers of dating games, known for creating life-like experiences out of virtual dating. Today, we are going to talk about our favorite game- Puzzle of Love. What are we going to discuss?

For starters, we will tell you how to play our games so that you get the maximum enjoyment. You will also find out about the advantage of Puzzle of Love so that you get to know what our game can offer to dating enthusiasts. So let’s begin!

What is the Best Way to Enjoy Puzzle of Love?

Puzzle of Love is one of the best dating simulators you can find online. So we thought of giving you a little refresher on how you can best enjoy the game. You can follow our suggestions to get the best experience and enjoy the game to the fullest. Here’s how you can make the most of Puzzle of Love-

1. Download Game for Free

You can download Puzzle of Love for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It takes only a few seconds to install the game and then you can start enjoying our creation without delay!

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Game

Before you dive in and start dating, we recommend you take a little time to familiarize yourself with the features and settings. You can browse the interface and see how everything works so that you don’t face any trouble later on in the game. 

We can assure you that everything is really easy, and you will get the hang of the game within minutes. Then you can start the game and try picking up girls without further waiting!

3. Have Patience

Patience is the greatest virtue and this is applicable to dating simulators too! You need to have some patience to enjoy Puzzle of Love as picking up girls may need some time and work. 

You will also need patience to date the girls just like in real life before you they are ready to become your girlfriend. We suggest you take it slow and explore everything in the game to get a versatile experience. 

Refrain from Downloading Illegal Images of Our Girls

We have noticed that some players search the internet for pictures of the girls in Puzzle of Love. A few pirated sources have also sprung up that extract images from our games illegally and upload them on their sites. We strongly discourage any such practice and suggest you don’t download any pirated images from other sources. That will result in ruining your experience because-

  • The images are acquired illegally
  • They take your interest off the game
  • You can’t really get an idea of the game by just looking at the pictures
  • The pirates may use fake images from other games

We have designed our game in a way that you are rewarded by the girls’ images exactly at the right moment. If you access the pictures separately from the game, it will take the fun away and won’t really do justice to the storyline! 

The best way to enjoy Puzzle of Love is to play the game as we developed it, slowly unraveling the secrets and hot images of the girls when you deserve them the most! 

4. Date Multiple Girls

Our game doesn’t end after you are done dating one girl. You can try your luck with other girls in the dating simulator and try to make them your girlfriend. Based on how you play and the options you choose, you can have different endings with the same girl. Most of our players stay hooked to Puzzle of Love for a long time, discovering each girl and their specialties.  

Advantages of Puzzle of Love

Puzzle of Love is designed to offer a fun and exciting way to date virtual girls. Here’s a brief list of benefits on offer-

  • A gripping storyline that keeps you engaged from the beginning to the end
  • High-quality graphics to make the girls look amazing and beautiful
  • Professional scriptwriters for most interesting plots and twists
  • A wide selection of cute girls to choose from
  • Fun match 3 puzzles for unlocking exciting rewards and matching girlfriends
  • Great performance with super-smooth game engine
  • Ideal for Android and Apple mobiles

Download Puzzle of Love Right Now

You don’t need to wait anymore to try your hands on Puzzle of Love. Just download the games for free and start playing today for amazing dates. We once again request you not to download illegal images of our girls as it completely ruins the fun and makes you lose interest in the game. So follow our suggestions and play Puzzle of Love as it unfolds to get the maximum enjoyment and pleasure.